Welcome to my blog! As the name implies, it’s all about liberty. No topic is really off-limits, but it just so happens that a large majority of my online time is spent reading about liberty and liberty-related issues. It is no secret that I very much want Ron Paul to be the next POTUS.

The purpose of this blog is primarily educational. Learning about how and why liberty is the solution to many of the world’s greatest problems is of the utmost importance. I am far away from having all the answers, but I constantly educate myself in hopes of finding a few.

Given the huge amount of good liberty-minded material already out there on the inerwebs (some of which I often cite), I strive to provide a fresh perspective; I’d rather not be a mere parrot for better thinkers than myself. It is my sincere (perhaps futile) hope that I can add a little something to the proverbial conversation. I am an individualist, after all…

You can expect maturity and intellectual rigor…. for the most part. ; )

Mt. Suppmore

It's not an accident that I'm Thomas Jefferson.


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