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The Snake and the Spider

A beautiful snake called Hedon

An ungodly slow constrictor

Suffocates your spirit incessantly, but imperceptibly

Lowering your threshold is the only hope


Cynical spiders amass, your skin crawls

Fangs sink in, nihilism their venom

The antidote clearer to you now, but no less elusive


Angst gives way to despair

A more profound darkness, equally consuming

The anxiety itself is an albatross

A paradox, motivating and stifling

Self-preservation reflected in mere sanity

Against prudence, perhaps


Universes of possibilities

Innervated with that dark matter, Necessity

A never-ending shattered symphony

Beauty and ugliness not alternating, not blending, but intertwined

Every choice is a web, though you long for a den

Still, why can’t you just decide?


You laugh at your former self and relish the irony

There is no one else to blame anymore


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